Things to watch out for

Things to be aware of


  • Holidays

SF Bark & Ride takes off all major holidays. You will receive notice of all holidays in advance via email. It will also be posted on SF Bark & Ride is closed for one week each Spring and Summer, and for two weeks each Winter.


  • Fleas

When the weather gets warm the fleas come out! Please be extremely diligent with making sure your dog gets their flea meds every month. All the dogs in the pack are depending on it! Ask your vet for the best flea med for your dog.


  • Foxtails

During the spring and summer months Fort Funston is filled with foxtails. These are a pointy “sticker” that will burrow into fur. Dogs can inhale foxtails through their noses, they can fall in ears, and they can get stuck in paws. If this happens, your dog will need to go to the vet for removal. I do my best to make sure there are no foxtails on your dog, but please check your dog’s coat and paws on a daily basis to avoid any problems. You may want to consider giving your dog a short hair cut in the summer months.


  • Hot Days

Though they are few, hot days can be hard for San Francisco dogs. I do my best to keep your dog hydrated and healthy on those sweltering days. I often cut our walks short or hang out in the shade to make everyone happy!


  • Wet Days

I walk dogs rain or shine! I will only cancel if the conditions are unsafe. I try my best to bring home a clean and dry dog, but there are days that it may not be possible. Please leave a towel near your front door on those wet days. Please also give me instructions if you would like me to put your dog somewhere else on the really wet days.


  • Smoke Days

Unfortunately, fire season has had a terrible effect the past few years. I monitor air quality throughout the season, and make day-to-day decisions based on the current AQI (Air Quality Index). When the AQI is in the yellow, I’ll shorten walks. If the AQI is in the red, I’ll cancel walks for the day. Your dog’s health is my number 1 priority.


  • Poison Oak

I do my best to stay OUT of areas with poison oak, but it is still around. It rarely happens, but poison oak oils can get on your dog’s fur and come home with them. If I think your dog has gotten into poison oak I will let you know ASAP as well as rinse your dog off with shampoo or Tecnu (a great poison oak rinse).